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VOTE FOR DUSTIN! - Tulsa Music


Previous Entry VOTE FOR DUSTIN! Jul. 17th, 2008 @ 08:40 am Next Entry
Hey everyone!

My husband Dustin, a local Tulsa artist, is in a T-shirt design contest for Tulsa's radio station KMOD - voting just opened up...if you like his design, please send an email to Lynn@KMOD.com and tell him your favorite shirt is the Rat with the gas mask and yellow background. You have to be specific with that exact design for the vote to count. You can see all of the designs at http://www.kmod.com/pages/lynn.html but i'd hope you'd think Dustin's was the best. =) the images start after the mcdonald's cup.

for some reason there isn't voting ON the actual website, so make sure to email lynn!!! thanks everyone! I know Dustin appreciates your help! =)

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